Humanity has been trying to invent a perpetuum mobile for centuries without even realizing it’s already there. We all have it – it’s the hearts of adults and children that are united and inspired by one dream, one goal. The ZIMBARA GOROMI project is ready to prove it. It joins people of all nations and ages around one aim: to make our world a better place to live!

ZIMBARA GOROMI invites artists, photographers, translators, and just creative people of all ages to dive into the breathtaking fantasy world of dragons and fairytale creatures, full of adventures and dangers, in which young heroes would not have survived if they hadn’t been filled with the spirit of solidarity, justice, and nobility. But most importantly it invites you to take part in illustrating the cycle of these wonderful children’s books. All the works will be published in the books with the name of their author, country, and links to the social network accounts.

The books will be published in eight languages ​​(English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Belarusian, and Turkish) in electronic format. The sales of the books will launch in 2018. Over the next year, our website will conduct a poll that will identify the best illustrations to be used in the print edition.

Part of the funds received from the sales of the books will be assigned to help children in orphanages around the world, another part will help to develop the following projects, since ZIMBARA GOROMI has many interesting ideas and concepts that will be elaborated on and turned into reality!

Artists, photographers, creative people, If you want to express yourself, shape your ideas, demonstrate them in unusual and colorful illustrations, help children, and become part of the ZIMBARA GOROMI team, please send your letters of application to

If you love children, their laughter, endless “whys” and “hows”, if you like being part of the children’s world – so kind, naive, infinitely beautiful, and sincere, and wish to catch the moments of children’s happiness, see their soul, mood, and desires, capture them in photos, ZIMBARA GOROMI is waiting for your picturesat e-mail

The best photos with the author’s name will be put on the website’s home page, and soon at the Zimbara Goromi world exhibition, which unites children around the world.

ZIMBARA GOROMI will be happy to welcome you onboard!

Let’s give joy to children together!